For a Domestic Customer Care or Outbound Call Center ,What commercials or PRI cards you suggest out of Sangoma , Digium , Allo or other CTI hardware
2018-09-21 12:36:09

PRI Solution is always preferred for Domestic Setups since GSM based Setups and Analog Setups are hardly cost effective while DOT approved VoIP India is not legal for India based Centers ( At last by Dec 2015 by any of the TSP's in Tata , Reliance , Airtel , MTS , Vodafone , BSNL etc , Shall wait till TRAI clears the same if at all they do ).......

Why should I chose my predictive or hosted Dialer and DOT approved VoIP Vendor as Avyukta
2018-09-21 12:36:09

This is often a comparison between and apples and oranges done by the prospect , The rates offered on the stated model are not the rates for DOT approved VoIP Only but for DOT approved VoIP + Predictive Dialer Suite + 24X6 Support on DOT Approved VoIP and Dialer Software , Still in case of any comparatively lower prices available across the planet , we request you to share the data with us. We would do a homework and revert trying adhering to “Lower than your lowest bidder” policy . ......

Call Center Predictive Dialer System for Pune Centers
2018-09-21 12:36:09

Enterprise Call Center Solutions for Medium to large size Call Centers Pune. Get ACD ,call recording,Intrum predictive dialer algorithm and preview and power dialer features.Optimum for Premise,Hosted Call Center. Get all DOT approved VOIP dialer,Soft Dialer features .We are one of the leading Company / vendor for Automated / Hosted / Predictive Dialer / / PRI Card / GSM / Servers / IP Phones for Small and Big Call Centers and BPO in 91 cities across 11 countries. ......